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IHS Partnership

As part of their commitment to delivering superior information to the energy market, IHS has partnered with OneMap, Ltd. to provide up-to-date and accurate surface ownership information.


Discounted regional subscription areas are now available.

Premium GIS Datasets

OneMap is continually improving the quality of surface ownership information through coordination with local government data sources, intensive spatial and tabular data processing, and thorough quality assurance practices.

By using an energy-specific data model OneMap also understands the importance of consistency and industry relevance. Read More...

Instant Data Downloads

Login and instantly download normalized and attributed surface ownership GIS datasets via a secure web interface.

OneMap's extensive GIS Data Library delivers time-critical surface ownership datasets for effortless integration into your project workflow. Read More...

Intuitive Online Mapping

OneMap also provides access to a straightforward mapping and research web application. MapLink brings accessibility to field personnel, providing an instant head start to locating and researching subject properties, and in turn drastically reducing field research time and costs.

Access to MapLink is included with each data license. Read More...

Trusted by leading energy companies...

Anadarko Chesapeake ConocoPhillips Devon EXCO

IHS Regional Subscription Areas

Through OneMap's exclusive partnership with IHS, surface ownership GIS datasets are available by region for instant download and importing into IHS PETRA® and other GIS applications. The GIS datasets can be downloaded as shapefiles and personal geodatabase along with metadata. With each regional subscription users will also have access to OneMap's intuitive online mapping and land management application, MapLink for Land Managers. [Contact IHS]

If you do not require regional coverage, or if you need an area not shown, then please contact OneMap. [Contact OneMap]

East Texas, 5, 6, 9, 7B

  • Texas and Louisiana Counties / Parishes
  • Barnett, Haynesville, Cotton Valley, Bossier

Texas Gulf Coast, 1 4

  • Austin Chalk, Pearsall, Eagle Ford

Permian Basin

  • Texas and New Mexico Counties


  • Anadarko, Ardmore, Arkoma, Woodford


  • Available Nov. 2010

Why OneMap

OneMap is the industry source for reliable surface ownership information used in GIS-based decision support processes and tools.

Providing a robust GIS data library focused in core U.S. resource play regions, OneMap's surface ownership information helps organizations improve planning and routing decisions and operations, increase land research productivity, and decrease data collection and field research costs.

Unlike other surface ownership data providers, OneMap directly serves of the U.S. energy industry by continually improving the quality of the data and expanding its coverage based on drilling and leasing activity.

Premium GIS Datasets

OneMap provides up-to-date surface ownership GIS parcel datasets attributed with property tax information. All GIS datasets are normalized and delivered in OneMap's "Energy Data Model" for consistency and ease of integration and internal distribution. OneMap has dedicated its resources to improving and expanding surface ownership information coverage in the active U.S. resource plays. With the use of leasing/drilling activity information, along with their proprietary county and parish information resource database, OneMap has developed a system where existing datasets are refreshed and new priority datasets are added when requested and/or available.

  • OneMap handles all required data collection and processing, including but not limited to...
    • Data research and due-diligence
    • Data acquisition and analysis
    • Data processing and normalization
    • GIS data re-formatting, re-projection, and datum transformation
    • Property ownership tax roll data processing, parsing, and linking to GIS parcels
    • Existing CAD data conversion, clean-up of polygons, and parcel ID attribution
    • GIS data creation from hard copy map, including map scanning, indexing, geo-referencing, vectoring, and parcel ID attribution
  • Data sources include, but are not limited to...
    • County Appraisal District, County / Parish Assessor, Tax Assessment Office, Planning and Development Office, Engineering Office, County Clerk, Clerk of Courts, Real Property Tax Services, and / or the Commissioner of the Revenue
    • County Courthouse
    • City Planning Offices
    • Local Title Companies
    • Local Surveying Companies
    • Third Party Data Vendors
  • Data inputs obtained from these sources include, but are not limited to...
    • Existing digital data for analysis, processing, conversion, clean-up
    • Digitally scanned plat and subdivision maps
    • Hard copy plat and subdivision maps (for scanning)
    • Certified property tax appraisal/assessment data
    • Reference deeds

Sample Surface Ownership Data

Instant Data Downloads

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The availability of online GIS downloads eliminates the wait when surface ownership information is needed immediately. A project's urgency often does not allow for lead-time, and users do not have the luxury of waiting for surface ownership information to be harvested and processed.

  • Login and download GIS datasets to specification via a secure web interface.
  • Provided in your preferred format, projection, and datum, along with metadata.
  • Import into ArcGIS, IHS Petra®, and other mapping applications.



Intuitive Online Mapping

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Instant access to a web-based mapping interface allows brings accessibility to field and other non-technical users without dedicating additional human and technology resources to developing internal applications and managing the required data. Field personnel typically spend a majority of their time on the road and in county courthouses researching manually. MapLink provides an instant head start to locating and researching subject properties, and reduces ownership research cycle-time from hours and days down to minutes.

  • Instant online access to straightforward ownership research and mapping tools.
  • Search graphically or by lat/long, XY, survey, etc. to quickly locate project sites and subject properties.
  • Point and click to select property parcel(s) or select by radius or corridor.
  • Print and export selected property owner contact reports.

Work Smarter

Reliable surface ownership information...

  • Accelerates

  • Subject property identification
  • Permitting, notifications, staking, and construction
  • Reduces

  • Cycle-time
  • Data collection and field research costs
  • Down-time, re-routing, and re-staking
  • Improves

  • Planning and routing
  • Asset deployment
  • Data shelf-life

Who Benefits and How

  • Landmen and Land Managers
    • Locate and identify subject properties in minutes
    • Create and print line lists for in-depth research
    • Accelerate permitting, notifications, staking, and construction
  • Right-of-Way Agents
    • Assign properties to right-of-way/easements
    • Calculate acreage costs for effective routing
    • Develop visuals for new gathering and trunk lines
  • E & P Managers
    • Forecast and budget with confidence
    • Identify new and expiring lease opportunities
    • Reduce cycle time and improve asset deployment
  • GIS / IT Managers and Analysts
    • Integrate normalized datasets with ease
    • Schedule automatic updates by activity priority
    • Expedite complex data creation projects
    • Focus on analysis and project development
  • Construction Managers
    • Select the less labor intensive routes and access
    • Avoid down-time, re-routing, and re-staking
    • Develop alternative routing plans as needed
  • Pipeline Safety and Compliance Management
    • Ensure compliance and notification standards are met
    • Assess effected property owners and mitigate risk
    • Construct emergency/disaster response plans

Custom GIS Data Services

Where acceptable surface ownership GIS data is not available, OneMap provides the data creation and conversion services necessary to create a timely, high quality, project-relevant GIS dataset for your area of interest or pipeline corridor. By focusing solely on the surface ownership information surrounding a business asset or along a pipeline, you achieve the detail you need at a reasonable cost.

If you need coverage for an area not listed in OneMap's data library please contact us for a cost estimate.

Sample Surface Ownership Data

GIS Data Maintenance

OneMap can provide updates to your existing GIS datasets, as well as, more frequent updates than our annual refresh cycle.

If your project requirements call for custom data maintenance, please contact us for a cost estimate.

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